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Scrap Metal Recycling Service For Industries

All-Met has over 350 industrial clients Southern California. Situated in Anaheim, we also serve Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego and Orange County. Just as with our current customers, we can come to your company to do a complete review of the scrap your company generates, determine the most effective equipment that should be used for handling, and whether or not any of our other services will benefit your company. We process material to the highest standards to maximize the value of the mills, smelters, foundries and export markets will pay for your scrap. Our methods of processing include visual and chemical based inspection, metal grade and type sorting, shearing, torching, and baling.

We will then package the material for shipment to meet the requirements of each end user. Material may be shipped loose, baled, in bins, barrels, or gaylords. We make sure our shipments are of the highest quality to maximize the return generated on our customer's scrap metal. Many local industrial scrap companies need to send their material to a third party to be processed and packaged for mill use. We maximize your return by doing our own processing right on sight.

We have extensive industrial equipment to get our work done quickly. Equipment can be customized to fit a customer's machinery, and all necessary bins and roll offs will be leak proof with lids to avoid any storm water related run off, saving you extensive clean-up time. All-Met has established service standards that are above the industry standard, to improve the efficiency of a customer's scrap program.

We recycle and buy the following scrap metals:

  • -Iron
  • -Aluminum
  • -Brass
  • -Copper
  • -Tin and cans

Our Standards

Competitive Pricing:

All-Met will base the price it pays for all metal commodities on current market conditions and public market indices such as the London Metal Exchange

Timely Service:

A pick-up of customer's scrap metal material will be made by All-Met trucks within 1 business day of a customer notifying an All-Met dispatcher that a pickup is required.

Appropriate Paperwork:

All-Met will provide all appropriate settlement paperwork to a customer within 30 days after any scrap metal pick-up.

Prompt Settlement:

All-Met must provide payment in the form of a check to a customer within 30 days after a scrap metal pick-up.


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